Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with the organisation?

Send an email to

When is the GGJ 2014?

Global Game Jam 2014 starts on Friday the 24th of January, 2014. The event go on for 48 hours, to end on Sunday the 26th.

Is there a fee?

Yes, there's an entrance fee of 5€ per person (not per-team).

How do I signup? Can I just show up on the event day?

You must sign up in advance - and beware - there's only 150 tickets available! All the signup information is on the signup page.

Can I sleep at the venue?

Yes, provided you bring a sleeping bag and/or blankets, just to be more comfortable.

Do I need to have a team?

Not at all! Come with your friends, but don't organise in a team before the event. You will be able to meet cool people and team up with them at the event.

Is this event intended for professional game developers?

Anyone can take part, from students to hobbyists, as well as professional game developers who want a peculiar challenge.

Can I come any of the three days? Can I come on Saturday?

No. The participants have to be present at the beginning of the jam, which is around 17:00 on Friday the 24th. Once the jam starts, they can then leave and come back at any time, but no new jammers will be allowed to join the event once the teams have been formed.

Should I bring my own computer?

Absolutely: we don't provide computers for the jammers. Bring your laptop, your graphic tablet, your MIDI keyboard, in short: all you could possibly need!

Who owns the games made at GGJ?

The rights to the games made belong to the respective creators. Read more about the license in the rules.