Sign up for the Global Game Jam

Step 1: get a ticket on Eventbrite

First, you must get a ticket on Eventbrite. This will allow us to know in advance how many people are expected and roughly assess how their are distributed. For the first time in the History of Italian Game Jams, we're asking for a fee. It's a very low fee, we are not aiming to cover all the costs of the jam (that would be foolish :D) but to create a moderate filter to get participants that are really committed, for the best possible event!

Eventbrite - Global Game Jam Roma 2014

Step 2: subscribe on the Global Game Jam website

The second step is to go on the central website of the Global Game Jam, create an account there and connect it to our venue. This is the site where you will upload the game at the end of the jam. Many jammers leave the registration to the very last minute and then, while struggling with the game during the final moments, they find out they don't have enough time. Don't be a fool and register now! Save yourself some stress :)
Then hook your profile to our venue, to show the world you're coming to Rome to jam!

Update: registrations on the venue page on the GGJ website are closed, this is to prevent misunderstanding: the only way to register for the event is to get a ticket on Eventbrite!

Step 3: read above

If you read too fast, please take a moment to go back and read the steps above!